Do you know about low bay lights and how to choose?

Most often used in smaller public buildings, low bay lighting can be incredibly effective if placed correctly. Incredibly energy-efficient, LED low bays can last over 20 years and you can also expect to see a significant drop in your energy bills as this lighting style costs much less to run.If you’re unsure if this is the best solution for your lighting needs, read on as our guides explain what it is and where it can be used.

Is low bay lighting the best solution?

A low bay ceiling is the most common type of ceiling commonly seen in houses, retail businesses and public buildings.Low-bay lighting can be used on ceilings that are less than 20ft tall. In days gone by, this type of lighting was the old white box that you’d tend to find in a factory. For higher ceilings up to 45ft tall, high bay lighting is recommended.

How do low bay LEDs work?

Low bay light fittings provide the correct spread and diffusion of light when the light fixture is placed close to the area in need of illumination. This can be partly achieved using diffusers positioned at the bottom of the lighting fixture. However, if a factory had darker walls then you would need considerably more LED low bay units to provide the same lighting level as a room painted white, as much of the light that hits the walls would be absorbed. Low bay lighting tends to be beautifully designed to match trendy interiors in some business lighting applications. Whether you want striplights, LED lights or wraparound lights we can help.  

How much are low bay LED lights?

With our new energy and cost-efficient low bay lights, you should get the money you invest, your money invested back within a year. According to The Carbon Trust, illumination accounts for over 20 percent of all the energy used throughout the UK. This figure rises to 40 percent for business use. With vastly improved LED lights and their pricing dropping in recent times, LED lighting is certainly the way to reaching the government’s goal to reduce carbon footprint by as much as 60 percent within 20 years. Like every customer we deal with has specific needs in mind for their business and every space is unique in size, we provide a bespoke tailored quote for the purchase and fitting low bay lighting. So do contact us today so we can discuss the best solution for your requirements.

More advantages of low bay LED lighting

LED bay lighting is incredibly energy-efficient as it can reduce carbon emissions, thus making it a much more sustainable energy source maintenance is low once the installation is complete. Levels of lighting can be increased or controlled for daylight compensation. All installations come with a comprehensive 10-year warranty. It’s possible to achieve a ‘designer’ look as fixtures are more easily visible from ground level than most high bay mounts

What if the lighting type is wrong?

Selecting the incorrect LED fitting matters because this may cause an electrical surge resulting in a major hazard. The wrong fittings would include using high lay lights in an area with a low ceiling or low bays in a high ceiling. This can result in not only extremely high energy bills but areas that are badly lit and not fit for purpose. Our energy experts will tell you what lumens to look for in your new low bay lighting. All light sources are measured in lumens. Getting this right will save you precious time later when you install lighting that is inadequate for your needs.

How our teams can help with high bay applications

We know how important quality illumination is for your workplace and we’re here to help you find the best solution for your needs. Let Coolux determine whether low bay fixtures are right for you. We’re happy to chat about ways that you can cut operating costs with efficient LED lighting. We are ready to assist you in all your commercial lighting needs. So what are you waiting for? Contact us for a free quote and expert advice.