Why Coolux

01 Make a difference
10 Years+ Innovation in Lighting Experience with globle clients and China supply chain, 1000+ cases, think out of the box.
Business Thinking , true winning is to help you to win.

02 Customzied your USP products Quick RD reaction & smooth communication
Listen and interaction help you to define/select the right product for your market

03 Save Money Keep costing down without compromising on quality
Large bulk material purchase.
Smart engineering solution to keep costing down

04 Save Time Within 2hr enquiry reply | *7days Sampling Time
Smooth communications,fast correspondence
Responsive, all sales engineers are problem solvers.

05 Marketing is easy Full set of documents ready
True Testing Data What to see is what you get

06 Small order MOQ support
We understand you need time to test the market, flexible MOQ solution is one of our advantage

07 Problem Solver Sleep well with your order
Change might happens, we actively involved in keeping you updated and like your eyes in factory